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ZoŽ dancing a solo with Silver Wings of Isis
at Ancient Arts Dance Studio

"Dancing Ammy" (Rhea) and ZoŽ in Athens


ZoŽ backstage at Cirque Passion

Following Matriarchal Family Tradition,
ZoŽ poses opposite the Acropolis



ZoŽ Isadora was born on April 7, 2000, having danced since conception in her mama Melina's womb.   Zoe first graced the stage at 2 months of age with her mom, her grandma "Dancing Ammy" Rhea and her aunt Piper at a fundraiser for the ALS Therapy Development Foundation at the Karoun Restaurant in Newton, MA.  Even at this tender age, and with very few hairs upon her head, she showed great promise in carrying on the matriarchal family tradition. 

ZoŽ tried out her first professional solo, dancing with finger cymbals to live music at Axum Restaurant in Athens, Greece, when she was a seasoned 21 months old.  She nearly caused a riot of pleasure among the audience members with her casual but studied hip flinging and raised arm.  Zoe has also been spotted on Greek TV doing the hasapiko with her mom and dancing Ammy Rhea of Greece. 

ZoŽ's performance skills continue to be honed in the circus ring.  She has been a company member in Circus Flora since she was 9 months old.  At Circus Flora ZoŽ has performed in the ring as a cute imp, a miniature pony rider, and an animal wrangler. She knows lots of aerial tricks on the cloud swing, trapeze and aerial hoop.  In Cirque Passion, Zoe performed a magic spin on the aerial hoop and danced with her best friend Tessa in the circus ring.

ZoŽ's basic philosophy of dance is that you dance when you feel like it, to whatever music moves you, and in whatever outfit speaks to your soul most at the moment.  ZoŽ has performed oriental dance in many sartorial guises:  she has danced as Tinker Bell, in white Bridesmaids dress, in jaunty Syrian folk outfit, and in full cabaret get-up. Her props vary from candles or canes balanced on her head to dolls, stuffed animals, veils and balloons.  She likes to dance with her mom and her friends, but can also go solo if she feels like it. Zoe does not require an audience to delight in dancing: she dances from her heart, for herself.

One of ZoŽ's favorite thing to do -- besides play with her cousin Alex, BF Tessa and friends from school -- is to ride Mikey the miniature horse when on tour with Circus Flora. She also loves hanging out with the fabulous youth acrobatic team, the St Louis Arches. 

ZoŽ brushes her teeth while hanging upside down by her knees each morning.









TODDLER BELLY DANCER TAKES BOSTON!!! ZoŽ Isadora dancing with Melina at Steve & Lisa's in Arlington, MA, Summer 2002.  Photo by Renee Dekona first appeared in the Boston Herald July 2002.  Here ZoŽ performs her trademark sassy little leg raise.

L-R:  Rhea, Melina holding ZoŽ, Zuleika & Piper backstage at Rakkasah East 2001.  We love our reunions, which usually involve a lot of dancing, hasty sewing of costumes, and smuggled bottles of wine.  (ZoŽ prefers champagne, of course).

ZoŽ (center) with St. Louis Arches (Richard, Kellin, Eliana & Lemonde) behind the scenes at Circus Flora.