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Family Links:

PiperMethod School of American Belly Dance:  pipermethod

Melina takes dance and passion into the air as a trapeze & lyra artist. Check out her aerial, dance & circus arts theatre company and specialty tent rental: cirquepassion

When not touring with the circus, Melina dances regularly at Karoun Restaurant in Newton.  The Eurdolian family has been part of Melina's family for 20 years.  Check out Karoun's website.

Visit the website of our dear friend, the fabled & fabulous musician Ali Arsoy.

Sites connected to dance happenings in the areas where Rhea, Piper and Melina are based or have toured:

Bellydance in Greece
Greek language site -- everything you need to know about belly dance in Athens, Greece -- including Rhea and her talented students.

Baltimore Belly Dance
Articles and information on and by Baltimore Area belly dancers including Belly Dancer of the Year 2000 Piper.

Belly Dance in New England
A site by the wise and fabulous Amy Smith replete with information about Middle Eastern Dance in New England including teachers, venues and happenings.  Get out there and discover other teachers, dance styles and venues!

Goddess Motion in Singapore
Susanna Lawren is Goddess Motion in Singapore.  She is a talented, earthy Egyptian-style dancer and caring teacher with lovely devoted students. Goddess Motion produces Raqs Sharki: The Beauty of Belly Dance each year at the prestigious Victoria Theatre.  May 2009 Performances and Seminars feature Melina and her mother Rhea.

Claribel's Raqs Sharki Studio in Singapore
Claribel has studied the art of Middle Eastern belly dance since 1982. Apart from having received personal coaching from world famous Egyptian master teachers such as Raqia Hassan, Dr Mo Geddawi, Yousry Sharif, Aida Nour, etc., Claribel has also had the privilege of studying under Egyptian dance legends Sohair Zaki, Nagwa Fouad, Mahmoud Reda and the late Ibrahim Akef. Up to date, she still goes to Egypt twice a year to upgrade and update her dance skills and knowledge.

Links to other belly dancers, studios and troupes, including dancers who have trained or collaborated with
Melina, Piper and/or Rhea.  (I am constantly racking my brain and updating this page and don't mean to leave friends out:  please, If you'd like to be added to this list, have your blurb edited, and/or do a website exchange, email Melina)


Ancient Art Studios & Aurel
A beautiful, spacious, warmly decorated studio in Berkley, MA led by the vivacious and talented dancer/singer Aurel.

Amina Delal
Ms. Delal is a popular Boston-area dancer specializing in performing extemporare to a live ensemble.  Along with partners Phaedra and Elizabeth Clark, she sponsors workshops and coaching sessions in technique and refinement.

Amira Jamal
Master teacher in the Boston area with classes in Framingham, Wellesley, Boston and beyond.

Artemis Mourat
Master Teacher Artemis is a consummate professional with vast cultural knowledge of Turkish belly dance and fantastic dancing chops that I could not adequately describe in this blurb.  Arti is GREAT.  We are privileged to feature her as one of our BellyPalooza Festival teachers and performers.

Belly dance practitioner and enthusiast, writer, history scholar.

Boston-based fusion dancer, articulate writer, international voyager.  An experienced dancer and performer, DeAnna trained with Melina of Daughters of Rhea and has taken seminars from Rhea and Piper.

The site of international dance sensation Dondi, Belly Dancer of The Universe 2000 and Bellydance Superstar.  Highly creative, articulate, spiritual and talented dancer, Dondi is one of our personal favorites.

Farfesha belly dance
Troupe Farfesha located in Albuquerque, offers classes, belly dance costumes, reviews, articles, and more.

Fusion belly dancer and tsunami relief organizer.

Goddess Dancing
All of the Goddess Dancing classes are team-taught.  Their goal is to help the student become her own unique belly dancer.  They strive to illuminate the history and spiritual nature of belly dance throughout each stage of the journey.

Jamila Salimpour
The site of Rhea's legendary teacher, Jamila Salimpour. Through Rhea, we at Daughters of Rhea are spiritual descendents of Jamila and her approach to the art.

Boston-based Johara is a highly skilled dancer, teacher and events organizer. 

Each year, Katia hosts a Middle Eastern Dance Retreat that my Daughters of Rhea students rave about. Katia sponsors great Master Teachers and offers classes and workshops in Newton and beyond.

of the excellent Maryland-based dancer and Master Teacher Latifa. 

Versatile choreographer, lovely dancer, smart lady. Boston-based.  An experienced dancer and performer, Lilya has trained with Melina of Daughters of Rhea.

Lisa Zahiya
2008 Winner Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer of the Universe. Lisa is certified in the PiperMethod of American Belly Dance and is always a popular teacher and performer at BellyPalooza.  Sassy, skilled and creative, Lisa Zahiya is one of our favorites.

Offers classes and performances in Middle-Eastern dance and Arabic music interpretation.

Lorraine Lafata of Sacred Source Belly Dance
Melrose-based instruction that teaches belly dance as a healing dance.  Beautiful dancer and generous spirit Lorraine Lafata offers classes, workshops and an apprentice program. 

The site of the lovely San Diego-based international belly dancer Luisa.

A beautiful Boston-based dancer of skill and intelligence who teaches and performs.

The website of Brazilian-born beauty Najmat.  Professional, polished, fluid and controlled: my favorite Arabic style dancer and drum soloist in the Boston area.

A beautiful, highly talented belly dancer and fabulous down-to-earth person with a unique approach to sword balancing.  I love Nikki's dancing.

Phaedra is a highly accomplished Boston-area belly dancer who teaches regular classes and can provide caching from beginner to professional levels for both Arabic and Turkish styles.

Boston-area based Daughters of Rhea belly dancer Rianna has studied with many of the greats of belly dance.

Site of Boston-based dancer Sabrina! Beautiful and dramatic, we are fans of her serpentine floor work and fun dance numbers.

Boston-area-based Shadia is a highly accomplished, versatile teacher and lovely down-to-earth person specializing in Egyptian/Lebanese dance: raks sharki, folklore, cabaret, jug, cane, shamadan and zills. She can also create the most magnificent and beautifully fitted/beaded costumes around.

Suhaila is a wonderful person, a powerful dancer, an incredible teacher.  A true Superstar of Belly Dance.

This is Yasmela's site, a friend and student of Rhea's from the "good old days."

Za-Beth enriches the Belly Dance community of Boston by bringing in some of the best dancers in the world including Belly Dance Superstars and Artemis Mourat.  Get on her email list so you don't miss her great events.

Belly Dance Shopping, Articles, Festivals, & Information Sites

Interested in a trip to Greece?
Our friend Matt Barrett's informative, detailed, down-to-earth website on visiting Greece & booking cheap hotels.

Want to run away to the circus with Melina?

Cirque Passion
Melina's own circus arts and belly dance theatre

Circus Flora

Melina tours with this beautiful one-ring,  European-style circus.

Want to Help Cure Lou Gehrig's Disease?

ALS Therapy Development Foundation
Working to cure ALS and the patients here today.

Want to keep abreast of important global issues even as you belly dance?

Read the intelligent musings and reports of my cousin Rebecca MacKinnon, who is a recovering TV reporter and bureau chief turned-blogger expert.

Want to take salsa dancing from the best teachers in new england? Go to Hips on Fire.

The sizzling Christina Pujol and Seemore Johnson lead salsa dance lessons at the Dance Complex in Cambridge and beyond.  Check out their website,, for their extensive teaching schedule.  I was completely uplifted and thrilled watching these artists dance.