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Daughters of Rhea Products

Rhea's Fast Combos Instructional Video. $45 includes shipping.
An intensive 60 minute video for the Intermediate to Advanced Dancer
Rhea's Fast Combos Instructional Video praised in January 2004 issue of Jareeda Magazine.

Rhea's Graceful Arms and Hand Gestures, plus Finger Cymbals Made Easy.  $45 includes shipping.  Learn of the origins of hand gestures and how to use them with Rhea's elegant postural shifts and arm movements.  Beginning dancers will find this an accessible introduction to arm movements, while experienced dancers will enjoy combining the postures and hand gestures with more complex hip work.  For those with no experience playing finger cymbals, Rhea's proven method using chakra theory will get you on your feet playing and dancing at the same time.  Advanced cymbal and step combos are included to keep you coming back for more.

BellyPalooza 'boy-beater' shirts in burgandy and olive: $20 plus shipping.

Ali Arsoy's Ali Bi Ghanni Li Rhea.  An excellent resource for teachers and dancers.  Rousing throughout, with an excellent rendition of Rompi, rompi.

Ali Arsoy's Karma CD

Baltimore Belly Dance Extravaganza Show Video 2002

Baltimore Belly Dance Extravaganza Show Video 2003

Piper's Instructional Video

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