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Extended interviews with Rhea and her daughters featured in Jareeda, December 2002 issue.

Rhea featured in Greek Art Periodical Echo Kai Artis, November 2002

Rhea featured in Alter Ego, April 2003.

Rhea featured in Forma, November 2003

Rhea featured in Aftra kai Orema, 1995.

Read all about her irrepressible life of dance!  An interview with Rhea.  

Rhea, ZoŽ Isadora & Melina featured in the Boston Herald.

Rhea by the Nile!  Click here for a riveting account of Rhea's Sudanese adventures.

"Rhea Recounts the 'Good Old Days' in San Francisco." Gilded Serpent Article by Rhea.

Rhea's Interview with Omar Faruk Tekbilek in Habibi Magazine.

Read an interview with Piper

Piper, Belly Dancer and Geneticist, featured in the Baltimore Sun. 

The Daughters of Rhea Rock Rakkasah East.  See Zuleika's write-up in the Gilded Serpent.

* Arms and Attitude with Piper: Anatolian Arms>,
Zaghareet Magazine September/October 2007
   * Arms and Attitude with Piper: Classic Lebanese Arms>,
Zaghareet Magazine July/August 2007
   * Arms and Attitude with Piper: Classic Egyptian Arms
Zaghareet Magazine May/June 2007
* Review: The Folk Tours Dance & Music Camp
* My Vision of the Desert Archidance
     Serpent 12/2/04
* Cabaret: Is it a dirty word?
* Finding the Right Teacher
     Baltimore Bellydance July 2004
* Use it or Lose it
     Baltimore Bellydance January 2004
* Into the Belt: Tips on Tippin'
     Bellydance October 2002


Visit the Baltimore Sun for a beautiful multi-media montage of the Daughters of Rhea 2006 "Belly Dance Magic" Show at the Baltimore Museum of Art!

Watch Now Via Streaming Video
Melina's January 2007 TV performance and interview on
"To The Pointe" with host Cinda Hill.

Melina's Economics of Belly Dance Commentary
"Sweat Equity" airs on NPR's Marketplace.

Meg Smith's Jareeda
interview with Melina/Melinda Pavlata

Belly Dancing with Melina
in the Boston Globe

Profile on Melina in
Wellesley Magazine.

Melina & Boston Daughters of Rhea Troupe Debut
featured in 2.25.02  Boston Globe.

Melina profiled in 1999 Boston Globe

Belly Dancing with Melina featured in the Boston Phoenix

Melina featured on Channel 5's Chronicle.