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Praise for Rhea


Rhea has profoundly changed many of her students lives.  Her students from over 30 years ago have tracked me down and called me on the phone out of the blue to tell me this, and to find out how she is now.  She is great, and still exerting her influence throughout the world!  If you have been a student of Rhea's, I invite you to write and tell me about it so we can publish you comments here!

  To be in Rhea's presence is to itch with change, to taste dangerous power, to encounter metamorphosis of spirit, of body.  She is authentic to the core, tells it like it is, moves like a snake, cuts through bull in an instant.  I lucked out with this mother!!!!  --melina



"You made an impact on me that will never be lost from my most magical memories..."

"Dear Rhea, to me, Madrid was calm and well-organized in comparison to chaotic Athens.  I did not fear that my head would explode with the pressure of sound, air and people that I experienced in Athens when I went out to the streets to do errands.  However, Madrid affected me far less spiritually than the depth of feeling that I experienced in Athens, especially for the music and the mania of the Greeks.  Nothing struck such a chord in me as the Rembetica/tavern music that I heard with you all in Athens.  The most nostalgic moments that I have now of my whole year abroad are of my dance class with you and the times that we all went out to taverns to hear bouzouki music and dance.  The way that everyone became saturated with the music touched me deeply and influenced the way that I appreciate Greek and Eastern music since then.

Most of all, Rhea, I want to thank you for sharing your world with me in Athens for the short time that I was there.  Meeting you and studying with you made an impact on me that will never be lost from my most magical memories.  Hopefully, I can return to Athens some day and you'll still be there dancing and I'll have practiced enough to actually be in one of your shows." -- Fiona C.


Rhea's writing is so eloquent, I enjoy her columns on the serpent page. (Visit for Rhea's columns and commentaries).  I am proud of her for enduring and succeeding in her craft. (I remember the boyfriend, the student, the STORY, and I am SO proud of RHEA!!) Blessings, blessings!!

Elaine F.