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Praise for Piper of Daughters of Rhea

"Taking belly dance class has been wonderful for me... makes me feel joyous and alive.  The muscle strength and posture awareness I've gained has alleviated my chronic lower back pain.  The music is captivating; I play a Middle Eastern dance tape at home and practice dancing when I feel stressed out or stiff.  Although the dance is a workout, it also can be like a prayer.  I never miss a class.

 I used to have mixed feelings about belly dance.  Before I started taking classes, I had the opportunity to go to a workshop and performance weekend in New York.  I could see that the women were joyously dancing for themselves and each other.  All the dancers, of all shapes, sizes and ages were like goddesses, powerful and beautiful.  This contradicted an inner stereotype I held that said belly dance was a slave dance performed for the 'master', the harem owner.  Belly dance is, I've learned, an art form developed and practiced in the home for self, friends and family.  It's much more intricate and skillful than I imagined, and more fun.  I thank my teacher, Piper, for her dedication and willingness to teach, to start back at the beginning and share."  

-- Nina R.

I loved your show. Your Mom must be very proud of you. I think because of natural talent, I can see years of hard work and discipline and practice there too, combined with such a great teacher as your Mom and starting off so young you are at a level of technical perfection most of us will never achieve and other ladies get only after 20 or 30 years. Glad I finally got to see your full show. Take Care and Best of Luck and Happiness in your Studies, Dance and Life in General. --Bonita

I wanted to tell you that you have really put together a wonderful troupe, not just in terms of teaching us to dance beautifully, but in fostering a friendly and supportive atmosphere in class and out.  --Driana


Belly dancing is my one escape. [It] is the one thing in my life that I truly enjoy and find pleasure in.

There are two aspects of your class that make it extraordinary. First, there's you. I've taken classes from 6 instructors (4 in this area), and you are by far the best one I've ever encountered. Your technique, style, teaching, and personality are unmatched by any of the instructors (and most people) that I've known. Second, there are the people in the advanced class. Nowhere else have I encountered such a diverse group of successful and intelligent people. This, unfortunately, makes many of them busy at times, but that's the trade-off for the group that you've gotten together.

Take care, and I'll see you on Monday,


Hi Piper,

Thanks for the chance to perform. I am slowly getting over my phobia about performing and it has been wonderful to dress up and dance, something I'd always wanted to do when I did ballet, but never got to get out of that darn black leotard and pink tights! No tutu or frilly, flowing dresses!! Anyway, thanks it was really fun.

Oh by the way, it is so great to watch you dance. I keep thinking "how in the world did I stumble into belly dancing and get such a great teacher!!??!!" Really, to have the chance to be taught by you is such a pleasure and I feel really fortunate. Thanks, Piper.  --Kim

Hi Piper,

Thanks again for a wonderful, inspirational seminar. One of the many ideas I came away with is the concept of learning groups of steps, and to combine these groups together when choreographing or doing improv. I also love the way you teach which muscles to use & when for each step, and it makes it so much easier for me to grasp how to do the steps (and how to work my muscles to get the best workout while dancing.) I'm looking forward to your future workshops, and wish I lived closer to your regular classes.

I appreciate you coming to Harrisburg so much. (This seminar was a 45th birthday present to myself-- one that I could share with 30 other wonderful women.) You are a gifted, inspiring teacher and a wonderful dancer. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, and for helping us to become better dancers. It was fun!   All the best, Karen.


What a FABULOUS weekend!!!! I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had at the workshops and I learned so much in such a short amount of time. You guys pulled off an amazing event!  THANK YOU!!!  xoxo....Becca.

Piper, I just want to tell you how much I'm enjoying the classes.  I really like what you're teaching now and it's greatly enhancing my understanding and "feel" of the music by learning/working on/practicing choreography/transition.  I sure appreciate the amount of time you spend on dance and your students.    Thanks, L.

 Hi Piper!

 I just wanted to say that the show (2004 Annual Baltimore Daughters of Rhea Recital) on Friday was fantastic!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  All of the dancers were so talented!  I hope in a year or two to be able to perform in one of your shows.  That is my goal!!!

 Again, great job with the show!  I can't wait until next year's!!! -- Tina B.