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Praise for Melina of Daughters of Rhea

Dear Melina...Meeting you and taking classes and truly changed my life and perspective.  I consider each class a little getaway (my own oasis), where I can dance until my heart's content and leave the stress of work and class behind.  Also, your perspective and philosophy in life is inspiring. -- Julia

Dear Melina, On behalf of the Wellesley College Hillel, we want to say thank you very much for participating in CHAI week.  WIthout your support, this week would not have been as successful as it was.  We think you are amazing, and we are not alone in that belief.  Everyone could not stop raving about your performance, and we're all hoping that you come back again during finals.  It's nice to see such an accomplished Wellesley alum - you give hope to all of us as we try to figure out what to do with our own lives.  Who knows, maybe you inspired some to become belly dancers!  We hope that you enjoyed your time with Hillel, and please come back to visit us whenever you can!  Sincerely, O.S. and M.D., Chai week coordinators.

Dear Melina, Thank you so much for dancing at our wedding.  Our night was magical and we owe part of that to you.  Thank you for making our dream a reality.  Love Danielle and Jeff.

Dear Melina your workshop was incredible!  You are so honest and hard-working teacher!  I hardly could believe how a lot we could do....  You make such an amazing atmosphere full of mystery and revelation of art of belly dance....  Sincerely and gratefully, Anastasia.

...I don't know how many thank you cards you get for your work. But I just had to let you know how much you made my day.  [...] Your sincerity and hard work you put into make it [the show where Melina pretended first to be a clown then proceeded to turn into a belly dancer] perfect really impressed me, and made you mighty fantastic.  I don't know if I can express my true feelings, but I had to try.  So thank you again and all the best in the future.  --Tom B.

...Thank you so much for coming out to Boston University last week.  Everyone had an enjoyable time, and we were able to learn not just belly dancing techniques but its history as well!  Please also thank your students who came... Thanks again!  --Miki H.

Melina - You did a wonderful job with the workshops I attended Sunday afternoon in Baltimore. You have a gift for teaching - it was a pleasure to have you as an instructor.

Dear Melina,
I am very glad that Bob and I went last night to see East and West ..... first and foremost, you embodied the essence of performance ..... poise, presence, and professionalism ... it was a joy to watch you. --Diane.

Hello Melina,
I would like to thank you for a wonderful time in Baltimore this past weekend. I was delighted with what I learned in your classes...Thank you again, you were just lovely.

Dear Melina,
I greatly enjoyed the workshop you so graciously gave this Saturday for the beginners...Also, I just read your mission statement for the Daughters of Rhea, and it's just as beautiful as you are. I almost cried. Please keep me informed as to when you might be traveling south and teaching again. I'm planning to start taking classes with Piper, and hopefully will get to learn from you as well.

Hello Melina, I want to thank you for your great classes this past weekend. I loved the entire seminar. Your mom is so full of energy...her combos were great. I loved your choreographies. Again, it was a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much.

Melina, I wanted to write and say what a truly inspiring weekend the Baltimore Belly Dancing Extravaganza was - due entirely to you, your sister and your mother! I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your classes, I took both the choreography class and the "techno belly" class - what a blast! You are a delight to learn from!

Wonderful website! Thank you for your dedication to the dance. You are an inspiration.

Hi Melina, I went to your class tonight and really enjoyed it. You are very good at breaking down and verbalizing the steps.

Dear Melina,
Last Saturday night, I was in the audience at Karoun's--fascinated,
delighted, and very moved by your performance. You were full of joy--even
ecstasy--and artistry. Thank you. I look forward to your upcoming performances.

Melina--My boyfriend and I saw your performance this past Saturday at Karoun--you were wonderful! I myself just started taking belly dance lessons a few months ago at the old age of 37. I love it!

Hi Melina - Just wanted to let you know that you were absolutely breath-taking last night.  The show was spectacular.  One of my guests commented, I have never seen so many beautiful performances in one night. 

And I my friend, am so lucky to have stumbled across you.  I never would have imagined, not even in my wildest dreams, that just because I attended one drop in class after having googled "belly dancing teachers boston", that I would be introduced to such an impressive group of individuals, headed by an even more amazing mentor.  You never cease to amaze me.  you are definitely a one woman show.  I have seen you dance on numerous occasions, and it never gets old, you bring such joy and a whirl on emotion with your first spin and smile.  now having seen the aerial performance elevates you to a whole new level (literally and figuratively).  I am still looking forward to see you and Sacha together in person. 


Hi Melina,

What a wonderful experience yesterday afternoon/evening was!

Thrilling, funny, beautiful, sexy – in a room filled with people who so obviously love you and what you do (it was especially heartening to see how the young children responded to you after the performance, and to see how gently your husband handled a little boy who couldn’t keep his hands off the camera and tripod meant to help document the event).

...what you are doing is unusual and very special.


Comments from Students at Boston College where Melina taught as an adjunct professor of French:

What are the strengths of this instructor?

"Sense of humor.  Patience.  Fair grading procedures.  Constructive comments.  Really works to improve every student.  She made learning French fun.  Its a shame she won't be giving class next year.  Challenges you to do your best work.  Very friendly and approachable.  Helped me very much on my grammar.  Kind/sweet.  Understanding.  Funny. Intelligent.  Knowledgable.  Caring.  Smart lady.  Helpful.  Accessible.  Enthusiastic.  Made coming to class and learning enjoyable.  Great at outlining what she's expecting.  One of the best profs I've ever had. Passionate.  Fun.  Amiable.  I loved this course!  I would love to have professor Heywood as an instructor anytime!  I loved Professor Heywood.  She is one of my favorites."

How could this instructor improve the course?

""She can't improve.  Only the curriculum can.  Less WWII, more modern French History.  Review subjunctive.  A little more understanding of problematic areas.  Can't be perfectly grammatical all the time.  I guess don't have as many movies about WWII..."