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anatolia imports
baha and debbie will take care of you -- turkish style!  Music, costumes, swords, jewelry, accoutrements and more.They sold me my most exquisite costume (check it out -- its the first one in the picture on my performances page).  they are wonderful people with an extensive product line in all price ranges. Go to their Rhode Island store and shop til you drop.

sheherezade imports
call the fabulous lucy smith, owner of the extensive egyptian belly dance import store, and she will help you find what you need in the context of belly dance -- zills, hip scarves, costumes, veils, books -- you name it!  -- and ship it to you pronto.

sara's tribal style picks
Internet research from beautiful daughters of rhea dancer sara cabral -- a tribal style devotee.
promoting the art of belly dancing around the world.
Information site; featuring FAQ," Instructor of Duty", historic timeline, styles of belly dancing, articles, resources
On on-line zine for everything that's going on around the globe pertaining to Middle Eastern Dance.
Always informative and entertaining.  Check out the gilded serpent for articles by Rhea documenting her adventures in Egypt, Turkey, Greece and more.
The international magazine for Middle Eastern Dance. The 12/02 issue features Morgana's interview with Rhea, Piper & Melina. Thanks to Morgana for a wonderful job.
An online resource -- for anything and everything you want to know about the dance and its accoutrements.
Website of the largest Middle Eastern Folk Festival and Fantasy Bazaar in the world. Piper and Rhea have been featured teachers at Rakkasah East and West.  Rhea is slated to teach at Rakkasah East 2005.  Don't miss her workshop!